Our First Taste of Erst

We headed down to Trove for an evening of taster dishes soon to be filling the tables of Erst, and man was it good.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 21 August 2018

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If you’re reading this let’s presume you know about the explosion of food & drink offerings in Ancoats and I’ll move further to assume that you’ve heard of Erst.

Brought to us all by the team that started Trove, Erst will open later this year and if these tasters are anything to go by they’ll be offering up some seriously unique and effortlessly good dishes.

The wine menu is well worth a special mention at this point. They’ve got organic and un-filtered options, wines you just have to order because of the elegant descriptions and even if white or red isn’t to your liking, why not try a glass of orange wine? I’ll leave the taste and uniqueness of this a secret, you’ll simply have to go and try it for yourself.

The dishes we chose began with Flatbread, Lardo & Gremolata followed along swiftly by Raw Sea Bream, tomato & green chilli oil. First off, Lardo – something that any seasoned European traveller will have come across, and if it’s in a dish on the menu I simply have to get it.

The Raw Sea Bream too was full of flavour and if your chef is confident enough to list a raw fish like that then you can presume they know what they’re doing, and they certainly do.

Next up we tried a Grilled Lamb Neck with garum & rosemary bogna cauda – I had to Google this one, a 16th century hot dip hailing from Piedmont.

It was an absolutely fantastic dish that we paired up with the Artichokes, peas & mint dish and washed down with a glass of Orange Wine. The whole thing makes you question whether you’ve been eating boring food your whole life and someone only just pointed out what you could be having.

I really can’t wait to have another crack at the Erst menu and I can guarantee you I’ll be booking in as soon as I can.

Follow their progress on Instagram and I’ll see you guys there.

Opening Autumn
Erst, 9 Murray St, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6AW