A fusion of Portuguese & Brazilian Street Food comes to Hatch

Promising to bring the finest in Portuguese and Brazillian street food to Manchester - we headed down to KBOM to try for ourselves.

By Ciara Martin | 19 February 2020

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Hatch, the award-winning food, drink and retail destination has housed some of the most exciting independent businesses in Manchester – with each new (independent) trader carefully selected by their team.

One thing we can certainly vouch for is the level of quality and expertise from each of the traders set up at the esteemed Oxford Road site.

To celebrate the launch of their newest residents, KBOM, Hatch hosted a launch party like no other – which saw a range of live entertainment including Afrobeat dancers and Kizomba performances.

The food went down an absolute storm and saw the brand new shipping container restaurant reach maximum capacity. 

Intrigued by the promise of a Portuguese and Brazilian mashup – KBOM did not leave us disappointed.

A true gem tucked away in the corner of Hatch – KBOM exceeded all expectations.

Inside the container, you’ll find bold colours, stunning brickwork and a momentous iconic Portuguese street scene taking centre-stage (a like-for-like painting of Mouraria’s famous street art dedicated to Fado, a musical style that developed in this part of Lisbon!).

Felt from the moment you step through the door – KBOM’s humble-nature and warming sense of community is one thing they’ve got nailed.

Affordable, authentic street food – the appeal is straight and simple.

To start, diners can enjoy Brasilian Coxinhas (£4) – delicious deep-fried chicken croquettes packed with flavour and served with a tangy dip.

The perfect accompaniment to KBOM’s take on Pao de Quejio (£4) – the national snack of Brazil. These cheesy dough balls are filled to the brim with soft, melting cheese.

We literally couldn’t get enough and left with a box to feed the office!

Diners can also enjoy the Gambas a Guillo (£7.50) to start – a perfect Portu/Brazil mashup. The succulent garlic prawns are slow-cooked in a tasty garlic and olive oil sauce and served with a deliciously thick rustic bread – making the perfect accompaniment to the tasty sauce left behind!

The talented team of chefs at KBOM have worked hard to ensure that every dish offers a true representation of authentic Brazilian & Portuguese Street Food, with only 6 considered mains on the menu.

Diners can expect dishes such as the Picanha a Brasileira (£11). The Brazillian style, deliciously tender grilled steak dish is served with black beans, rice and a delicious homemade Farofa seasoning. If you haven’t actually been to Brazil (like me – sorry!) naturally, you’ll have NO idea what Farofa is.

A toasted manioc (or sometimes maize) flour mixture – Farofa is served as a side dish for beans, meats and stews. It’s tipped over the black beans and takes the flavour from 1-10000000.

Also on the menu is the equally delicious, much simpler steak dish – Bitoque (£11).

A Portuguese take on a classic steak and eggs – this dish comes with perfectly grilled, lean ribeye and a runny yolked fried egg and is one of the most common lunch options in Portugal.

It’s served with fried rice, chips and salad and leaves you full to the brim (but in that satisfied, nice kind of way).

Diners can also enjoy a number of authentic chicken dishes, such as the Chickana (£5.50) – garlic chicken fillet served on a rustic bread roll and the Frango Grelhado (from £3.50) – classic Portuguese grilled chicken, marinated in either lemon & herb or Piri-Piri).

One of my favourite things about KBOM however, is their draft selections. On tap, they’ve got the light and refreshing Sagres and Super Bock beer and (a very strong) SANGRIA!

Sangria, on tap. Let that sink in. Feels like summer already.

Find KBOM Streetfood at Hatch Manchester, open 7 days a week from 10am – 11pm!


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