Manchester now has a Beef Wellington Burger!

Honest Burger's newest Manchester special is even more special-er than ever before...

By Manchester's Finest | 13 October 2020

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The art of combining foods is something that always manages to create a buzz in the Finest office and on the streets of Manchester in general. Write a bunch of foodstuffs on some scrap paper, put them in a hat and then pick them out at random – there you go – your new food concept is born.

The newest one is this – a Beef Wellington Burger from Honest Burger – which in no way was actually conceived using scrap paper and a hat – but instead is the brainchild of Head Chef Kris who had a vision of a true meat mountain about a year ago.

Available on the Manchester menu ONLY, this delightful creation has been made with the help of the brilliant Crafty Cheese Man who has supplied the fantastic Owd Yonner Lancashire cheese to top the whole thing off.

I’m sure that you’re keen to know what’s on this bad boy – so here goes; you’ve got your classic Honest beef burger (cooked medium rare of course), smoked bacon, Owd Yonner Lancashire cheese, béarnaise butter, crispy pastry, bacon gravy, mushroom duxelles, baby spinach and pickles.

Served with their legendary homemade rosemary chips – this is the closest you’re going to get to a Beef Wellington without shelling out about £60 for the pleasure. This one is only £12.50 and is available RIGHT NOW…


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