NEW OPENING: Fried Chicken with an Asian Twist in Ancoats

Well, technically I'd still say it was the NQ but that's not what matters...

By Manchester's Finest | 18 August 2020

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…. what really matters is the fact that Chorlton favourite Peck & Yard have opened up on Great Ancoats Street and, thankfully, they’ve managed to bottle the magic and bring it to the masses in the city.

If youve never been to the one in Chorlton then you’ve been missing out on some seriously good chicken, with their Hot ‘n’ Spicy Signature Burger being a particular highlight. It comes dripping in their very own hot sauce and is a pure delight with every single bite.

They also offer a range of Combo Meals, Wings, Halloumi Strips, Bao Buns and ‘Crazee Fries’ which are basically their version of loaded fries and are an absolute must-have when you’re eating here.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention their massive Pow-Pow Stack Burger too – it comes with 2 fried thigh pieces, homemade kimslaw and K-pop mayo and looks like this…

If that’s not enough to entice you there I don’t know what it.

The new Peck & Yard on Great Ancoats Street is primarily a takeout joint, with only a couple of tables and chairs in there for a bit of casual chewing and grazing, and it’s open NOW. Go!


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