NEW OPENING: Manchester's Grilled Cheese Specialists come to Escape to Freight Island

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese are now exclusively at Freight Island's markets...

By Ben Brown | 30 November 2021

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You may have spent the last couple of weeks aimlessly walking around the various Christmas Market sites in the city centre, looking for Northern Soul Grilled Cheese and the chance to get your gob around their phenomenal Christmas Dinner Special.

This search would have been entirely fruit-less however, because they’re NOT there. Instead, they’ve set up shop in Escape to Freight Island – exclusively serving up their grilled cheese beauties from their very own stall right in the middle of ‘Winter Island’.

Pass through their Christmas Tree Forest, shun the bratwurst and traditional hog roast, order yourself a couple of mulled wines and tuck into Northern Soul’s brilliant new Christmas special – Crimbo Dinner (£9.50) which comes loaded with slices of soft turkey crown, homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Oh, and lets not forget their signature three cheese blend, which is all toasted and then topped with a pigs in blanket lollipop and then smothered in rich gravy.

There’s also the Festive Feta (£5.90) which comes with griddled spicy veg, crumbled feta and candied cranberries, plus the Ham-azing Grace (£6.20) with honey roast ham, stick festive chutney and bursts of wholegrain mustard.

‘Brie Wish U A Merry Christmas’ (£6.90) is a naughty addition with oozy Brie, smoked streaky bacon and a final flourish of cranberry sauce – plus all of the usual sides including Mac & Cheese, Wings ‘n’ Sauce, loaded fries and more.

They’re also offering up Deep Fried Oreos – which taste like the best combination of fairground doughnuts and cookies and cream, as well as a homemade Oozy Double Chocolate Brownie (£4) that’s served with a lovely Baileys Cream.

All these specials are available at Northern Soul’s flagship Northern Quarter restaurant, as well as their new stall at Escape to Freight Island.

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