Northern Soul to open new grilled cheese 'restaurant'

The kings (and queens) of the grilled cheese are expanding and going to be bigger and better than ever!

By Ben Brown | 10 September 2019

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As if two city centre locations weren’t enough, never mind a yearly primetime slot at the Christmas Markets, it seems like the gang at Northern Soul still want more.

It’s understandable really. The city seems to still have an insatiable appetite for cheese stuffed between two bits of bread (with a fair few added extras of course).

So Director Dan has made the decision to expand and improve – which means that we should all expect a Northern Soul ‘restaurant’ very soon – located in the old Simple unit on Tib Street – you know, that one up the steps with the weird little balcony bit.

Word is that the 70-cover site will offer a much bigger menu and range of cheesy delights – giving the Northern Soul team a chance to broaden their horizons and offer dishes that are more suited to a proper sit down.

All the usual Northern Soul favourites will remain (yesss!!!) plus a breakfast menu and a wider range of dishes for lunch and your tea. Fans of cheese will be in for a bloody good treat.

Details are still sketchy but the new Northern Soul restaurant should be open by the end of September. Head on over to their Instagram page for more information.