Is the Octopus Kebab the Weirdest Kebab in Manchester?

We seem to think so…

By Manchester's Finest | 7 May 2019

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I’m sure in their time, kebabs have been filled with some pretty whacky fillings. Chips? Certainly. Nuggets? Probably. An entire deep fired pizza? Definitely in Glasgow…

But it wasn’t until recently when I came across something really strange on the new menu at Bab- Manchester’s very own ‘posh’ kebab joint hidden away in the NQ. They are proudly serving the OCTOPUS bab.

What do we think of that?

I have never seen fish in a kebab- never mind the confusing, tentacle clad creature that is the octopus. However, I have got to say, it was pretty darn delicious.

It is obvious that this fish isn’t here for a mere-gimmick- The chefs at Bab treat it with some serious care with delicious results.

The tentacles are coated in fresh harissa paste which gives a lovely, rich smoky flavour. It is then charred over hot coals which creates this lovely charred exterior which is crispy and a lovely soft-textured and tender middle.

They pair this with a preserved lemon aioli, grilled baby gem lettuce, and pickled samphire which brings a lovely sour element that tasted just like the sea.

This is all piled into one of their EPIC freshly baked flatbreads, and I have got to just put it out there…I really liked it.

It is definitely one of the weirdest kebabs I have had in my time, but it was also one of my favourites. I’ll take ten please…legs and all!


Octopus BAB

Venue: BAB
Date: Everyday
Cost: £11

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BAB, Little Lever St, Manchester M1 1HR
0161 806 0813