NOW OPEN: Trafford's Hidden Greek Street Food Gem

I noticed a new (ish) place on my way into work so naturally - popped right in...

By Ben Brown | 6 April 2021

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As a rather jaded and miserable 35 year old man, not much in this world anymore gets me excited. I’ve pretty much seen everything, tried most things and when something new comes along – I tend to dismiss it out of hand; it probably won’t be very good anyway.

I think the last proper thing I got excited about was all the way back in 2015 when the new Star Wars film was coming out – and we all know how that ended up, so I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from here.

Look – there’s a tiny bit of excitement in my face

However, as I was riding my bike back from the office this week, a trip that I’d not done for the past 6 months due to the fact that I was living at me mam’s in Oldham, I spied a new eatery that actually made me EXCITED – conveniently located in a rather obscure spot on a street in the middle of Trafford.

Now, I say Trafford because Geropolis – the exquisite Greek Street Food place of which I’m referring – straddles many boundaries; it could be classified as Stretford, Gorse Hill or indeed Firswood – so I’ll just leave it at “Trafford” and let you lot fight it out amongst yourselves to claim it.

And claim it you will want to because Geropolis is a revelation, an oasis of authentic Greek dishes – from the classic Gyros to some more exotic and unusual additions that are nonetheless just as delicious and perhaps even better than the stuff you HAVE heard of.

The Mixed Gyros Meat Plate

This place has actually been open for around 5 months, so you may have already seen it during one of your daily walks, or even ordered some food off them – but considering I’ve not been in the area for a while, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for the delay in relaying this message to you.

As I said, the menu is almost exclusively Greek, with some impressive Gyros Kebabs; Chicken, Donner, Halloumi and the outstanding spicy Sucuk spicy beef sausage.

In addition, they also offer up a selection of Main Courses, from Souvlaki Chicken (£7.50) to Biftekia Tiri (£8.50) minced beef and lamb skewers stuffed with cheese and topped with salad, tzatziki, chips and pita breads.

There’s also a selection of Meze Platters, both meat-filled and veggie, a special Skepasti Sandwich (£7.00) which resembles a Greek quesadilla, and even their own Baklava (£3) for dessert when you’ve finished.

The Chicken Gyros in all of its glory

As you’d expect with a Greek joint there’s also an impressively long list of Starters or small dishes, perfect for sharing with your mates and all tucking in together.

Tzatziki, Hummus, Greek Olives, Halloumi, Gigantes Beans and the aforementioned Sucuk Sausage are all there, as well as the always excellent Spanakopita Pie (£3 per slice) and, something you should DEFINATELY try; Sakanaki (£3), which is pan-seared Greek cheese and is just as amazing as it sounds.

The Mixed Gyros Meat Plate, Chicken Gyros and Dips

We popped down there this weekend and picked ourselves up a Chicken Gyros (£4.50), a Mixed Gyros Meat Plate (£8.50) and Pita Bread with Hummus & Tzatziki (£3.50). We were both stuffed after it too!

Enjoyed in the sun in Gorse Hill Park opposite

Geropolis is open NOW and is available for collection and take away or delivery, which can be ordered through their website. I highly suggest you give ’em a go – you certainly won’t be disappointed!


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