Ziya: Review

As a former resident I’ve seen both up close and from afar the change in Rusholme over the past 10 years. To the naked eye or the infrequent visitor though it may seem like not much has changed. In steps Ziya.

The unmistakably new Ziya restaurant is a glistening gold and beige symbol of modern amongst some of its more established and dare I say tired neighbours.

What struck me the most sitting at the bar was just how much the atmosphere in Ziya is that of a more city based, almost cosmopolitan, dining offer. It differs almost in every way from the majority of its local competitors and whether its the European girl who greets you, the Manc lad who gets you a beer or manager Akay’s “work the room” personality that catches your attention first, you know you are at an Asian restaurant, but not one on the curry mile. I would expect this in the centre of town but in Rusholme it really is a change in the game.

This new way of thinking doesn’t stop at the menu either. There aren’t 30 curries to choose from and the considered ones that are there aren’t how you’ve ever tasted them. No self respecting English man orders Tikka Masala in an Indian restaurant, for fear of looking like an uncultured “I’ll have the entry level” punter. But at Ziya it was positively thrust upon us as if a dish we have never tasted before, and guess what, we hadn’t. At this point it’s worth noting we put our trust in the serving staff to pick us a selection of their favourites.

We slowly worked our way through just enough food as a starter, comprising of Peshwari Lamb Chops, Corn Cheese Tikki, Fish Pakora, Tandoori King Prawn (categorically the stand out dish).




For mains we were furnished with dishes that included Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Chettinad, Achari Gosht and the aforementioned Tikka Masala. Across the board the food combinations worked really well with the fish standing out the most as is often the case in Asian cuisine.



Ziya is a fantastic addition to Rusholme and to my mind will prove to be a reference point for any new restaurants on the curry mile.

Ziya, 65-67 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5TB
0161 257 2010



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