In conversation with GZA at the Pilcrow

New series “In Conversation With….” kicks off with hip hop legend GZA from Wu Tang Clan live at the Pilcrow in Manchester to discuss a range of topics including Astrophysics and Artificial Intelligence.

By Steven Pankhurst | 28 August 2018

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GZA is considered to be one of the best MCs and lyricists ever. His lyrical style often dismisses typical rap story lines and themes in favour of science, philosophy and the cosmos.

GZA has the second largest vocabulary in the history of hip-hop music and he has lead a project to promote scientific education through hip-hop for students in New York City.

GZA lectured at Harvard University in 2010, and since then has visited, among others, MIT, Oxford, USC, NYU, Cornell, where he met with scientists such as David Kaiser and Sallie W. Chisholmto. In 2012, he discussed astrophysics with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

To improve science education in New York City and beyond in late 2012, with the assistance of Columbia University’s professor Christopher Emdin and website Rap Genius, he began work on a pilot program called Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S. (Bringing Attention to Transforming, Teaching and Learning Science).

This initiative motivates young high school students, especially African-American and Latino students, who together make up 70% of New York City’s student body, to learn science through hip hop, creating scientific raps and engaging in a rap competition.

Joining GZA will be Omar Latif (High Tech Low Lives / ASSIF), and the evening will be hosted by Mark Jorgensen (Reform Radio / iProspect)


In conversatiton with GZA @ The Pilcrow
Sunday 2nd September 2018
4pm – 6pm

Early Bird Tickets: £10

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