MCR Talks: The Science of The Sesh

MDMA, Ketamine, Cocaine and 2C-B. These four party drugs are rife on the UK’s streets, but does anyone know how they affect the human body?

By Steven Pankhurst | 29 May 2018

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Drug Safety expert Guy Jones certainly does. He will be taking attendees through the positive and negative effects of these drugs. From pharmacology to comedowns, harm reduction to bioavailability, The Science of The Sesh will give you the lowdown on your weekend antics.

The Science of The Sesh
Tuesday 26th June, 19:00
£12 per person

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Guy Jones is a chemist by background who has leant his expertise to studying an area he feels is quite underexplored. After helping run welfare charity Psycare UK he saw a clear need to not just care for people who were having difficult experiences, but try to prevent these experiences happening in the first place.

Frustrated by the inability for people in the UK to test their drugs, he started Reagent Tests UK with the goal of making testing affordable to anybody who was interested in protecting their health.

He is now involved with drug safety testing projects across Europe and in the UK. This work has given him unusual insight into the way that drug markets work and his background allows him to help people to minimise the risks they are exposed to when they choose to use drugs.

Guy is passionate about drug education and aims to help people understand how things work as well as why, in a way that is accessible to anyone, no matter their background.