Weekend Walks: Abbeywood Estate

Nestled alongside Delamere Forest is the lovely Abbeywood Estate with lovely gardens and unexpected curve ball - a top draw Sunday roast.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 July 2022

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48 minutes south of Manchester you’ll find the green and flowery Abbeywood Estate. Used for weddings and occasions it’s also available to the general public on certain days of the week – notably Sunday.

We arrived in our usual weekend walks casual manner with lunch as the first priority only to discover we got the last available table – super lucky but why so busy right?

Turns out everyone in the area is clued in to this ‘well proportioned and high quality at a decent price point in a beautiful conservatory overlooking stunning gardens Sunday Roast’ – that not the official title of it but you get the idea, a genuine hidden gem, they just kept it secret from the rest of us.

Not to harp on about it, but the beauty of the lightness and proportion of the lunch means you can enjoy a lovely stroll afterwards without being at all weighed down – we even went back post walk for a coffee and a scone.

The gardens themselves are lovely, bursting with colour (time of year depending of course) and teaming with wild life. There are birds of prey flying over head and a forest walk that loops the perimeter of the grounds, there’s even a part that nature seems to have taken over, we had to double back at one point for fear of losing our way. All great fun though and the sculptures in each area make for a great nature trail game for the kids.

Head down to Abbeywood Estate and spend a few hours in gardens you’ll love, check the opening hours before you set off and if you want my advice – go on a Sunday and book a table in advance. Enjoy.


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