Weekend Walks: Adlington Hall & Gardens

Adlington Hall & Gardens, usually reserved for private events, opens its grounds to the general public. 

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 July 2022

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A short drive south of Manchester and into Macclesfield you’ll find something rather special nestled just off the A523. Adlington Hall & Gardens is a joy to behold from the moment you turn into the car park.

As one of the most beautiful country homes in England, Adlington Hall reflects both the history of English architecture and the 700-year story of a single family, the Leghs.

The Hall started life as a simple Saxon hunting lodge, a base for hunting by Earl Edwin and his men. The lodge was built around two great oaks, which if you head over you will see they still stand today, so overall a good choice of placement!

For me on this particularly warm day it was all about strolling the gardens to see what other great trees and 18th century relics still stand and of course most importantly, conquering the maze.

The Rose Garden is a feast of colour in summer, rambler roses climb pillars and rope swags, framing formal rose beds planted with individual varieties of rose.

What I cannot really describe is the glorious scent in the air, paired with a surrounding of Lavender it really is something to take in.

We ventured on to the Wilderness Woods and followed baths around impressive trees, wild planting and some absolute Instagram gold in the form of stone relics, bridges and monuments for years gone by.

Once the exploring is done it was of course time for tea – in the courtyard of this calm Tudor building we enjoyed home made cake and the sound (and sight) of some rather beautiful wagtails and swallows, nesting in the eaves.

Now open to the public on Sundays from 2pm – 5pm it’s well worth a visit to Adlington Hall whilst you can.