Weekend Walks: Lyme Park

What could be better than whiling away the hours (consulting with the flowers) amidst wandering deer?

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 7 February 2023

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Not much I can imagine. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what you’ll find on a lovely walk in Lyme Park. Not to mention a rather famous ‘cage’ that you will most definitely make your ramble a unique experience all round.

Lyme Park features a beautiful National Trust house, complete with gardens surrounded by moorland and, as mentioned, a deer park. I love a good view and let me tell you, Lyme Park’s setting is nothing short of astounding and all the other adjectives you can muster up.

To add to the value, there are numerous Regency Era performances staged at the Manor House where you can learn about daily life as it was back then. Plus, Lyme Park is very family friendly, and you can bring the kids along to the ‘Lost Words’ family trail’ – you and the family can explore natural worlds that unfortunately may not be there much longer.

Now for the fun historic part – The Cage at Lyme Park.

Image: Julie Anne Workman

Originally built in 1508 as a hunting lodge, the cage is one of the main reasons to visit Lyme Park, not least due in part to its striking resemblance to the Tower of London. Whilst the name ‘the cage’ is still a mystery, the building looks so akin to the Tower of London as it was rebuilt by Peter Legh XIII, who happened to have been imprisoned at the Tower of London twice for treason.

Image: Julie Anne Workman

The park itself is 1400 acres and you can choose to take a guided walk, explore at your own pace or you can even take part in a park run on Saturdays. The scenery alone will surely take the weight off the run!


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