Review: The Amazons at Jimmy's

The Amazons have come a long way in a short space of time.

By Manchester's Finest | 21 February 2019

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It was only two years ago that we interviewed them before their Deaf Institute gig and back then the conversation drifted towards driving around the UK circuit in a van.

The van itself has since been featured on the front cover of the band’s self-titled first album – but it seems that they decided to set it on fire!

Saturday 9th February saw them play a 100 ticket gig at Jimmy’s, a year on from selling out Manchester’s Albert Hall, favouring the smaller venue to test out the new album. As you can imagine, tickets for this gig were hard to come by and the basement venue was at its absolute capacity for the show.

The boys walked out to ‘Son House – Grinnin in your face’ and they look every bit the part of a rock band that is currently unstoppable, each in their choice of coloured leather jacket. They open up with newly released ‘Mother’ a taste of what the new album holds for us, it’s the perfect track to warm the crowd up.

“Manchestaaa, were gonna a play our new album… but first here’s some songs you’ll know”

‘Stay With Me’ is an early indicator that tonight isn’t just a rehearsal for the new album, and it doesn’t take long for many of the crowd to lose their shit and for the whole place to be swaying.

“I reckon I’ve got one more song before this jacket comes off. It’s so fucking hot!”

Surprised lead singer Matt Thomson has made it this far with it on, it’s turning into everything you’d expect from a basement gig – complete with tightly packed punters and humidity dripping from the ceiling. There’s an appreciation of the event in hand, this much loved local venue won’t get many bookings as big as The Amazons.

They treat us to tracks from the new album, the songs they play are well refined and it feels far from a test gig. The band look comfortable in the new tracks, the songs they’ve played tonight are unmistakably Amazons’ indie rock and with their trademark earworm riffs.

“You are the first people in the world to hear our new album so don’t film it and put it on YouTube, I will be checking”

The final songs of the night are fit for any encore. First up was ‘Little Something’ and Matt Thompson dropped behind the front row of the crowd to his knees before re-emerging for a slower finish to the track. His facial expressions while singing tell the tale of the song, something that’s clearer tonight than in larger venues.

The penultimate track ‘In My Mind’ the A side to ‘Little Something’ is performed with all the energy of an arena show.

“You’ve got a beautiful bar here. If I lived here I’d be here all the time. Drink the bar dry, we will be back in town for Neighbourhood weekender”

Appreciation for the love toward the venue from everyone within the building leaves just enough time left for ‘Junk food Forever’ The band walk through a crowd of hugs and high fives to get backstage. Everyone spills back out onto Newton Street drenched in sweat and full of gratitude for a very special show.