Review: Marc Rebillet at Albert Hall Manchester 

In only Three years Dallas’ Marc Rebillet has become one of the most talked about sensations in live electronic music.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 8 January 2020

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First garnering attention through DIY YouTube videos showcasing mind-blowing solo abilities, few can play with loops, chords and percussion so creatively.

To label him a DJ is a bit restrictive. He uses a loop station to make music, but that’s where the relationship to other DJs ends. Rebillet also employs a piano, his impressive vocals and myriad other instruments to create catchy, improvised songs about 

Marc Rebillet is known for his high-energy one man show, improvising full songs from scratch. No two performances are the same, so we are excited to see what he has instore for us tonight at Manchester’s Albert Hall.

The tone is set with Rebillet strutting onto the stage in a ‘Loop Daddy’ silk dressing gown and a pair of shiny Brown brogues. He milks the applause as he interacts and greets the crowd as he starts with his show.

The venue filled with energy and his enthusiasm is contagious and spreads from the stage, turning the venue into one big party straight off.

“It’s just a f#cking Monday everyone!”

Before making a song to celebrate the start of the week “MondayMondayMondayMondayMondayMonday” is looped and mixed in with a heavy beat that wouldn’t look out of place at the Depot, the night is created by Warehouse project after all. 

He de robes and props his leg up on the front speakers to give the front row a show. His luminous ’tickle my pickle’ boxers are the source for the next strong, a heavily percussive track.

He goes well off script and far beyond with the next track, ‘getting me high’ the chorus really displays how good Rebillet’s vocals actually are. Behind the dressing gown and the comic lyrics Rebillet is an extremely talented musician and his voice is up there with the best you will hear in the Albert Hall.

However, this track will not be remembered for the vocals but for the lyrics about killing someone and racking them into lines, the crowd seemed as surprised as Marc did for how dark this one went.

Marc holds his position in the centre of the stage and declares to the crowd ‘This is the Encore’.

Rebillet’s interaction with the audience continued when he asked them to vote on which popular YouTube song they wanted to hear. Between “Get in the Pool,” “Black Beard” and “Reach Out” the latter won by a landslide as the entire venue roared. Its tight between the latter two so were treated to both. First up ‘Reach out’ has been given some air time on Radio 6 recently and is more song than comedy act.

He wraps up his performance with a fan favourite ‘Get In the Pool’ where he invited people to ‘Get in the Pool’ (Get on the stage) with him, this resulted in a full on stage invasion. I think he had anticipated bringing a few of the front row up with him, but with half an invite to the crowd floods of people clamber the railing with security trying to push people back.

Someone even climbs down for the balcony to ‘get in the pool’. Before the start of the song Marc is fighting to get to his equipment with a very full pool. The first beat sounds and there’s people with their tops off, maybe more than Marc had counted for but the energy for the last track is unrivalled, an unforgettable moment. 

Humour is key to Rebillet’s persona. His own website describes him as “an artist, actor, musician, composer, humorist, philosopher and phone psychotherapist who explores the realms of the looping art through such mainstream themes as rape, buttholes, or herpes” Check out link below to the live performance.