Sex (not) in the City: This Northern Town is the 3rd "Most Sexual" in the UK

Supplements ordered and Kama Sutra memorised - you're in for a treat.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 31 January 2021

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Womanizer / Unsplash

New research has found which towns and cities in the UK are already getting prepped for this year’s lockdown Valentine’s Day, stocking up on sex supplements and searching ‘how to increase sex drive’.

It turns out Britain’s largest town has made it into the top 10.

Supplement Place analysed the number of sexual health supplement orders of the likes of GT6 Powder and Tongkat Ali as well as Google searches of ‘sex positions’ and ‘sex toys’.

The research revealed that it was the nation’s smaller towns who are more adventurous, ready and raring to improve their sex lives. It’s always the quiet ones init.

Taking the bronze prize for ‘The UK’s Top 10 Sexual Health Hotspots’ is Manchester’s very own, Stockport!!


The suburb didn’t even rank in terms of supplement orders and in fact, it’s the town’s searches to rev up sex drives that pushed it into the top 10.

Stockport had 142 sex-related searches per 10,000 people while the city centre had 126.6 and Bolton had 125.7.

Those in larger cities came out on top for searches that will bring a bit of spark into their sex lives with Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool all making the top ten.

There’s been a lot of sex-related news in the last 12 months and it’s definitely got a lot to do with being locked up inside with naff all else to do but get down to it. That’ll be why your Instagram feed is flooded with pregnancy announcements too.

Manchester making this list is no surprise when we’ve already discovered we’re the dogging capital of the country.

Back in July last year, Cheadle was ranked in the top 20 sexiest places in the UK due to the residents’ particular affinity for butt plugs, bondage and anal toys.

Again, well done everyone.