Music fixes all! Your favourite vinyl straight to your house...

Wilderness Record Store have got a bike and are delivering their vinyl locally.

By Ben Brown | 20 March 2020

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At the moment there’s plenty of things that can make us all feel a little bit better. Personally I’ve been smashing the Buckfast and watching all 9 Star Wars films in order while dressed up like Darth Maul.

There’s one thing that never fails to improve your mood though and that’s music, and as one of Manchester’s favourite record shops, Wilderness in Withington are offering a valuable service… FREE VINYL DELIVERY.

They’ve managed to get themselves a bike and will be delivering to the local area. Just DM them on their socials, pay via cash (on arrival) or Paypal and you’re set – you can have your favourite vinyl in your hands without leaving the house.

So give them a shout, see what they’ve got in store and get it delivered to your house. If you’re self-isolating that is. If not – just head on down there – they’re still open and they’re all bloody lovely.

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