Nanny Banton and Friends... Go To Parklife

Last time I went to Parklife I was dj'ing on top of a Nando's van and everyone started dashing bottles of chilli sauce at me, it was very dangerous. The time before that they spelt my name as Nancy Barton on the flyer, it was pretty funny.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 13 July 2018

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Despite being emotionally and physically scarred by these events, I went back this year and tried to track down some of my mates whilst nailing as much free booze as I could get my hands on.

Now, I may not be that good at a lot of things but what I am good at, I’m very good at and I’m very, very good at nailing free booze, so it all got a bit hazey.

I did manage to catch up backstage with Levelz, convince a few festival go-ers that Finest’s editor was an artist on the line-up, Manchester legends Ragoloco and Slay both blessed us with freestyles, and it all got too much for Stu!