MCR Talks: Born To Kill

Forget Criminology, or Academic data set and guesswork. This is the reality of what makes serial killers commit the heinous crimes they did.

By Steven Pankhurst | 12 June 2018

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Hosted by Paul Harrison, a retired police officer who has worked in the Criminal Justice system across four decades. He is widely regarded as an expert on serial killers and profiling.

From cradle to grave, gain an understanding of how they started to kill, why they continued to do so and why they are so different. No single authority has been able to determine why serial killers kill. This, potentially, is the closest we will ever come to understanding the drivers and triggers.

Born To Kill
Wednesday 20th June, 19:00
£15 per person

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These are the killers themselves explaining what makes them tick. What planning and preparation takes place, leading to the execution of the murder itself? Different murder types, different motives and different geographic locations. Are serial killers, born or nurtured, are they mad, bad or sad? Judge for yourself, join Paul to get his informed opinion.