Lockdown Delivery Review: Home by Nico

Parked up at Spring Gardens I cross empty streets to the only open door for what seems like miles around, Six by Nico is back.

By Lee Isherwood | 19 May 2020

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The team at Six by Nico have developed a Home by Nico take away to rival all takeaways. This 4-person 6-course extravaganza (complete with wine) has to be one of the best meal kits in Manchester and for a variety of reasons.

The first is value for money, at £80 you may initially recoil but stick with it for a second. This is designed for 4 people, that’s £20 a head for a 6-course meal. There is a bottle of wine in there. A full cake. A large block of cheese. This is incredible value. If like me you are in a 2 person home then even better, our box lasted across 3 days with 2 full meals, a lunch and coffee with cake.

The second and third are a combination of quality and ease. The food is designed, cooked, prepared and packaged in such a way that it can be partitioned and cooked at different times but also nothing is lost in doing so.

When you do come to cook – it couldn’t be simpler. Timings and temperatures are there, place in oven and set the timer – it’s that easy. But this is no average takeaway; this is luxury dining at home and there can be no mistake about it.

The dishes themselves change weekly so by the time you read this your choice will be different, but I’ll explain what we had for context, scale and to try and bestow upon you just how good this is. Our meal was Catalan inspired and with the weather cracking flags we enjoyed it al fresco for that authentic sunny feel.

First, the freshly baked Focaccia with olive oil & balsamic, once warmed it didn’t stand a chance when we tore that first piece, it was so good.

Manchego Bombay’s & Red Pepper Romesco followed, I saved 2 for lunch the next day and they were just as fantastic with an added bit of rocket on the side.

Main course was Chicken & Chorizo Ragout with Olives, Caper & Lemon accompanied by probably the best Patatas Bravas this side of the Balearic Sea. With a second side of Roasted Fennel & Piquillo Pepper Cous Cous it was not a meal but a feast.

The wine we received, a bottle of Spanish Plot Twenty Two alas didn’t last the 2 days because it was just too good. A few glasses with the bread, the meal and then onto the cheeses later it soon ran dry but what a drop it was.

Orange & Almond St Clements Cake with Vanilla Creme Anglaise offered a light, creamy and satisfying dessert. We showed restraint saving 2/3rds of the cake to enjoy over the following days with coffee in the continued Manchester sunshine.

Last but no means least the Artisan Cheese, Crackers and Chutneys lasted a few days alongside the cake they provided us with truly enjoyable snacks. We could have course got through it all quicker but I implore you, if you get the chance, savour and make it last.

The Home by Nico experience is unique and it is unique to this situation we find ourselves in, of course I cannot wait for Six to reopen but then Home by Nico may be no more, so get it whilst you can.

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