Bigger & Better: The Ancoats Pop-Up Market moves to Cutting Room Square!

The market is set for a new location and it's getting much bigger too...

By Ben Brown | 17 August 2021

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If you’ve yet to sample the delights of the twice-monthly Ancoats Pop-up over on Radium Street I can only imagine it’s down to one of two things. Number 1) you’ve never heard of it before, or Number 2) you don’t have a clue where Radium Street is. Or it could be both.

Because if you’d satisfied either of those two provisos then you would have definitely popped down to visit the Pop-up, which has most recently been operating on the second and last weekends of every month, and been home to an impressive array of creatives, makers and bakers offering a diverse range of goods that changes with every appearance.

From hot food to baked goods, homewares, jewellery, books, booze, art, ceramics... there’s everything you could ever desire down here and it’s been a valuable stepping off point for many of our most favourite street food traders, including Archchi’s, Little Yellow Rice Co., Batard Bakery, and loads more.

Here’s the best bit though (and the reason you clicked on the link in the first place), the Ancoats Pop-up is now moving to Cutting Room Square, where it can be bigger and better and avoids anyone being embarrassed about not knowing where Radium Street is anymore.

Right slap-bang in the centre of Ancoats, the first new pop-up will be taking place on Sunday 12th September, with it then coming every second Saturday and Sunday of the month after that.

I’ve not got a list of who’ll be there in September, but expect an impressive range of stalls, makers and sellers that there’s now NO excuse not to come and visit.

To keep up to date on the latest developments, follow Ancoats Pop-up Market…

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