The Halloween Burger stuffed with Deep-Fried Pickles & Jalapeno Poppers

One of three new Halloween-inspired dishes over at Slap & Pickle...

By Manchester's Finest | October 29th '21

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Slap & Pickle are launching some brand-new Halloween-inspired dishes this weekend, and they've stuffed a burger full of deep-fried jalapeno poppers! They're always coming up with something a bit mad at Slap & Pickle in Society - whether it's their Vegan Duck fries, Chicken Kiev fries or their massive triple-stacked Extra Yard Burger. For Halloween they've gone all out with their 'Devil's Dinner Burger' - a juicy double cheeseburger topped with deep-fried jalapeno poppers, cheese and bacon, on a bun "as black as Halloween night." Then there's their 'Undead Fries' loaded with minced 'undead', pureed zombie guts, pickled zombie brains, broken ribs and crispy toenail clippings. In other words - bacon, pickle relish, Slap & Pickle's special salsa, lettuce, crisps and crispy fried onions. We stuffed our faces with them this week and let us tell you - they're mega! Adding Rib’N’Saucy Nik Nak's on top is absolute genius! Finally, there's their 'Freak Fingers' - chicken tenders (or This isn't Chicken Goujons for vegans) tossed in a fiery Ghost Chilli Glaze and black sesame seeds. They'll get your eyes watering but they're well worth it. As is always the case with Slap & Pickle's food - all of these dishes are also available as #vegan options too! ..................................... Slap & Pickle's Halloween specials are available from Saturday 30th October until Friday 5th November - so pop down to Society or order for delivery as soon as you can! Follow Slap & Pickle