The Most Haunted Places in Manchester

Happy Halloween folks - here's some right spooky places for you...

By Manchester's Finest | 2 November 2021

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Albert Hall

Spooks Include: Poltergeist activity.

The old Methodist church on Peter Street is now a cracking live music and events venue, but back in the day there’s been tonnes of reported poltergeist activity, even summoning Derek Acorah to have a look around back in 2003. He picked up picked up on a malevolent spirit of a murderer he called Godfrey and the names of various children haunting the space.

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Dunham Massey Hall

Spooks Include: Sudden temperature drops, invisible hands and a impossible to fill used bath.

One of the architects responsible for one of many remodelling jobs fell from the scaffolding to his death and his spirit still roams the upstairs corridors of Dunham Massey Hall. Many people also report a more malevolent spirit causing sudden temperature drops and even the odd pair of invisible hands throttling an unlucky visitor or two.

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Peveril of the Peak

Spooks Include: Levitating pint glasses and tax returns filled in with BLOOD.

One of the city’s best boozers, that’s also haunted by a pretty active spirit that “customers have seen pint glasses levitate off the bar and fall into the glass-wash.” There’s even the odd story of the tax return paperwork getting filled in with BLOOD every year before April 1st.

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Ordsall Hall

Spooks Include: The ghost of the former Lord of Ordsall Hall, John Radcliffe and Cecily a young woman who brings with her a smell of roses.

Easily one of the most haunted place in the UK, Ordsall Hall even has its very own ‘Ghost Cam’ so you can tune in and try to capture a pesky poltergeist in the main bedroom. It’s said to be haunted by The White Lady who died by jumping off the balcony from the Star Chamber in 1599.

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The Ring O’Bells Pub, Middleton

Spooks Include: Sad Cavlier (AKA Edward) and the speculated spot of 60 murders.

A pub can be a scary place, especially when you’re smashed and the last one in there – sat on your own in the corner. But the walls of the Ring O’Bells pub in Middleton are lined with a seriously high death count and it’s been regularly referred to as one of the most haunted places in the UK.

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Tatton Old Hall

Spooks Include: Guaranteed paranormal activity including sounds of women crying and Tom the old, drunk and aggressive gamekeeper.

This building is hidden deep in Tatton Park and provides enough paranormal activity to leave people crying and running for their lives. Mick Ricketts, Steward of the Old Hall, has certainly said that he often does not feel alone while he is working, even when he knows for a fact he is the only one within distance of the hall for some stretch.

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Ye Olde Man & Scythe, Bolton

Spooks Include: A bog-standard haunting by a Civil War era Earl

They’ve actually got video footage of the Earl of Derby – James Stanley – haunting this Bolton pub – and it’s one of the most frightening things you’ll ever see. He was apparently responsible for part of the ‘Bolton Massacre’ back in 1651, helping slaughter 1,600 people – for which he was hung outside.

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The Screaming Skull of Wardley Hall

Spooks Include: A cursed, screaming skull

This manor house in Worsley houses something a little more sinister than just old furniture, the skull of a Benedictine monk who was hung, drawn and quartered at Lancaster Castle in 1641. It’s apparently still in the walls of the building, and if anyone touches it – they die. Or something like that.

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